Bluewater Plumbing specializes in all repair work, from replacing the simple tap washer to the more complex sewer rebuilds. Our team is fast, efficient, clean and we can quickly identify and repair any issues that you may face in a timely manner.


We can fix, unclog or repair any drain with the best services and plumbing repairs in Sydney.

Bluewater have the most modern day technologies using our CCTV camera equipment to identify the location of the blockage and how far below the surface, plan the solution, and fix the situation without any disruption to your landscaping.

We have all the latest equipment, including 5000psi jetters, to the traditional electric eel which ensures that no time is wasted getting the job done.


As Bluewater carries the latest in pipe camera equipment and service detection equipment, it enables us to not only see inside the pipe to assess what works are required, but it shows us exactly where the issue is. This means we don’t have to dig up the backyard trying to find the problem, as it is all worked out in just a few moments from arriving to the job.

We have a number of cameras, from the small handheld to the larger cameras for the civil  jobs.

Our Service detection equipment is also used for when we have to dig within a public area, that way we know exactly what we will find before we start digging.

We also service a number of plumbers when they are working outside of the property boundary where they need to locate before the machines roll in.


Blue Water Group can supply and install a full range of hot water systems, we use the most advanced systems for maximum efficiency, durability and safety. We can also service existing hot water heaters.

We can advise on which heater style best suits your requirements as well as which one is more efficient to run and what size you need to look after your house or unit.


Our team of fire technicians make sure all fire hose reel, hydrant landing valves, etc. are maintained and are ready for use.

We also have an annual testing and servicing program which means we can ensure you are ready for any situation that may require the use of this equipment.


How painful are roof leaks, leaking gutters, that downpipe which has that noisy drip that keeps you up at night….

Our team perform specialised targeted roof tests that enable us to locate any leaks, no matter how small they are. We can also check the integrity of the gutters and downpipes for any rusting and rectify before it’s too late.


Too many people do not realise that a quick annual check on your pumps may save you an expensive replacement invoice, plus not to mention the drama that arises from the faulty pump. Here at Bluewater, we have a specialised team of tradesmen that are trained and accredited in this field.


Bluewater combines advanced equipment with years of experience and superior quality materials to provide permanent solutions with minimal disruption and without the need for destruction.

Our drain camera inspections technology provides us with crystal clear images of what is causing the problem which allows us to fix pipe problems with no digging. Bluewater offers long-term solutions, using high performance materials that are designed to minimise any impact on our environment. The relining process can usually take place from existing access points in your drainage system, which means no digging. You will not even notice we have been there once the job is completed.


Not all plumbing issues are an emergency. At Bluewater Plumbing, we believe that regularly scheduled preventative plumbing maintenance can be the key to avoiding costly service interruptions, particularly on commercial sites. Rather than waiting for an eventual breakdown or leak, identify risk areas early by organising regular maintenance and review of your plumbing systems.

We offer an extensive list of routine preventative maintenance services to ensure that you can stay on top of your plumbing system care and reduce the number of costly system breakdowns.

Our plumbers are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service, and will make sure your needs are met and expectations exceeded.

Reduce the impact and cost of plumbing issues by performing routine preventative plumbing maintenance.  If this service is of interest to you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll be happy to examine your needs.

Our expert plumbers will create a Preventative Maintenance Schedule to suit your facility’s requirements.






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